October 16, 2017

August 28, 2017

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January 22, 2017

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What are wounds

What is a wound


A Wound is any damage or break in the surface of the skin. Wound can be accidental, surgical or occur because of underlying disease.


What are chronic wounds


Acute wounds usually heal quickly within a month or two and without complication. Chronic wounds are those that take more than three months to health or are reoccurring.


How wounds heal


Wound healing is a complex process. How a wound heals depends on the type of injury, its depth, size, location and each person’s individual circumstances.  For example, health conditions, medications, equipment and lifestyle factors impact on wound healed.  It is imperative to look at the WHOLE person and complete an holistic assessment when treating wounds.


How Long should it take for a wound to heal


As we are all different and wounds can be different, individualised assessments and management plans should be completed. There are no one size fits all recipes for wound care.


In general, a wound should progressively improve in appearance and decrease in size each week it is present. Naturally, a large deep wound will take longer to heal than a small shallow wound. However, it is your body that does the healing itself. So health professionals, it is really important to listen to your client to provide person centred care. 


What are signs a wound isn’t healing


If you develop any of the following signs, get in contact with a health professional that specialises in wound care.  (HNS will provide a complimentary phone consultation or email with any enquiry)

  • The area around the wound becomes red, swollen, and hot;

  • The wound becomes painful;

  • Fluid from the wound becomes discoloured, thick or excessive;

  • The wound bleeds regularly or profusely;

  • The wound becomes black or yellow;

  • You feel unwell or develop a temperature;

  • You continuously are applying pressure the area from your equipment.


Get the right advice


HNS is a fee for service however provides a complimentary phone consultation or email with any enquiry. You are entitled to receive the best quality care.  Ensure you ask questions and learn about the wound and the wound healing process. Many people will often seek medical advice first and more often then not first line of treatment is antibiotics, though with wounds we treat them topically unless the wound is showing signs that further investigations are required to suggest antibiotics are needed.  It is important that the wound is assessed and treated topically along with a thorough holistic assessment to give your wound the best chance of healing.  Contact us @heal.the.wound referral.hns@gmail.com or 0412 647 338




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