Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation

No one wants to experience life with paralysis.

Yet every day in Australia at least one person has their life changed forever in this devastating way. Day to day tasks and mobility become an extraordinary challenge.

Perry Cross is one such person whose life was unforeseeably and profoundly changed in an instant. His approach to his paralysis has been inspirational. And as Perry’s health journey continues, so does his conviction to lead a united and multi-faceted model for bringing together people with the knowledge, skills and passion required to find a cure for paralysis.

The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation aims to facilitate, collaborate and initiate the connections and research required to find a cure for paralysis.

Olfactory Glia Research Project - Griffith University

Griffith University Research Project: Manipulating the selective activation of olfactory ensheathing cells for the repair of injured spinal cord.

Making Strides

Making Strides is a specialist spinal cord injury rehabilitation centre. Our exercise based programs are based on the latest research in neuroplasticity. 

Wicked Wheelchairs

Wicked Wheelchairs is your leading sales & service centre for rigid wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs and paediatric wheelchairs.

Our wheelchairs are custom built and fitted out with the best accessories such as wheelchair backrests  & specialist wheelchair cushions  to be as individual as you are and to service your everyday comfort & usability needs.


If you're a bit adventurous or slightly mad like most of us at Wicked Wheelchairs, then you really should check out our Sports Wheelchairs and some really cool extreme wheelchair videos, just for a bit of fun

NSW Spinal Cord Injury Service

The ACI works with clinicians, consumers and managers to design and promote better healthcare for NSW.

Spinal Injuries Australia (SCIA)

Spinal LIfe

At Spinal Life Australia we use our expertise in spinal cord injuries to support people with a range of physical disabilities and injuries.

Spinal Home Help

Cerebal Palsy League

QLD Spinal Cord Injuries Services

The Queensland Spinal Cord Injuries Service, located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, has developed a unique continuum for the acute care, rehabilitation and ongoing management of individuals with spinal cord injuries, representing a best practice model in this field.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus QLD

Lighthouse Health Group

Our mission statement is to assisting people with disabilities to achieve meaningful life goals


What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The NDIS is a new way of providing people with disability across Australia with support to meet their disability needs and link with their community.

The scheme supports people with a permanent and significant disability to take part in everyday activities. This includes people whose disability is an intellectual, sensory or physical impairment, or a psychiatric condition.

Under the NDIS, people who meet the eligibility criteria (called participants) will be able to access supports that are related to their disability, useful, good value and fair (reasonable and necessary supports) in order to live in the community and work towards their goals and aspirations. Disability supports will be provided over a person’s life time.

Participants will have choice and control over their disability supports, including being able to choose who provides supports and how they are delivered and managed.

Opulent Financial

Financial - plan management under the NDIS 

Peristeen Anal Irrigation

An effective natural routine that gives you the ability to decide when and where to empty your bowel, can improve your quality of life, reduce time spent on the toilet, reduce tissue deformation,  pressure injury formation and give you the confidence to do more!

Peristeen requires a qualified Registered Nurse to provide training prior to commencement of anal irrigation. Holistic Nursing Solutions provides FREE face to face education session, resource pack and support when Peristeen is purchased through us. 

To learn more about Peristeen watch this video! 

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