• Peristeen System travel bag
  • Accessory Unit with pump
  • water bag
  • tubing
  • 17 catheters
  • Spare water bag 
  • FREE box of 10 catheters when you sign up 
  • Complimentary Initial Consultation (Exclusive to HNS Consumers only) 60 minute compulsory Face to face Training Module in the comfort of your own residence  *
  • Peristeen Resource Kit
  • Peristeen Support Program

*additional charges will occur for travel (@ NDIS rates)

*Upon Purchasing please book appointment with Holistic Nursing Solutions for training and delivery

* Catheters are single use as per manufacturing recommendations - allows for 37 days or 74 second daily use


For more information Contact referral.hns@gmail.com  



Peristeen Start Up