November 19, 2017

As a Skin/Wound Consultant, I get to treat and make recommendation for all types of skin and wound conditions so I thought it was time to write a blog on all things pretty and also the not so pretty.

The Cosmetic industry is a $billion dollar market and Dermatologists like Harvard trained Doctors Rodan + Fields have seriously got this right. In 2016 their R+F brand has claimed No.1 Best selling skin care brand in the USA (according to euromontor international) and in September, it hit the shores of Australia and is already providing incredible results for skin across the country.


But, do we really understand our skin and what it does? I think these dermatologists got this one right for all age groups, and I can vouch as I have tried and tested it and have received my own great results.

REVERSE regimen family comes in two formulations, The REVERS...

What is a wound

A Wound is any damage or break in the surface of the skin. Wound can be accidental, surgical or occur because of underlying disease.

What are chronic wounds

Acute wounds usually heal quickly within a month or two and without complication. Chronic wounds are those that take more than three months to health or are reoccurring.

How wounds heal

Wound healing is a complex process. How a wound heals depends on the type of injury, its depth, size, location and each person’s individual circumstances.  For example, health conditions, medications, equipment and lifestyle factors impact on wound healed.  It is imperative to look at the WHOLE person and complete an holistic assessment when treating wounds.

How Long should it take for a wound to heal

As we are all different and wounds can be different, individualised assessments and managemen...

August 28, 2017

I've been a C6/7 quadriplegic since 1969 (aged 3). During that time I've done all the ‘normal’ things like having a job — teaching for 27 years — playing first table tennis and then wheelchair rugby at an international level and meeting and marrying a wonderful girl. In those years I've looked after myself fairly well health-wise. There have been some minor pressure sore/skin break issues and one major one. All have been treated successfully.

That was until November 2016 when I fell out of my chair and grazed my left calf. Despite the best intentions and efforts of many experienced doctors and nurses in whom I have great trust, as well as several debridements, the ‘graze’ had become a wound that was gradually getting bigger, deeper, and frankly, demoralising to look at, and often to smell.

Enter Holistic Nursing Solutions and Amy Darvall. Straig...

March 6, 2017

Your first plan – be prepared! 

This blog post is going to focus on how you can be prepared to have your bladder and bowel related needs adequately met within the NDIS.

A bit of lingo.

  • Bladder and bowel issues are known as “continence”;

  • Any equipment, community nursing or nursing consultancy needs you have in relation to continence management is grouped together within the NDIS ‘Core’ supports category; and

  • Continence aids (products) under the NDIS are referred to as ‘assistive technology’.

Currently majority of people living within the community with a permanent disability and has continence needs receive their products and equipment via government programs e.g. the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) in QLD and Enable in NSW.  State government programs have been restrictive in what they will provide to clients.  Standardised appl...

January 22, 2017

Peristeen Anal Irrigation Free Comprehensive Training when consumables purchased through Holistic Nursing Solutions.

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